Saturday, May 28, 2011

Whatsoever We Say

Sunday's are long days for my family and I. We are very active in our church. My goal is to always to put dinner in the oven [set at 250] so when we get home all I have to do is prepare the sides, and we usually can eat in 30mins.Well, that didn't happen this particular Sunday.
On the way home all I could think about was how I could prepare something for us really, really fast. So I decided to fry some chicken yes I said fried chicken.I took out the deep fryer put oil in it, sat it on my kitchen table, oh by the way it's a glass table just as I have done for the past six years. I put the chicken in the deep fryer, walla!
The chicken was frying well things were moving alone as planned. I did my sides all was left to fry was two pieces of chicken and dinner would be finished. I decided this would be a good time for me to change my clothes. My husband and I were talking and we heard a loud noise, not sure what it was- it sounded like metal, a big tool. So I thought to myself my son must be lifting weights and dropped one of them as sometimes he does. I took my time coming down the stairs and when I looked in the kitchen I couldn't believe what had just happen-the corner of the glass table broke from the heat of the deep fryer. For six years I did this and nothing ever happened. Amazing.
I called for my husband to come down so he could see all this. When I tell you I had such peace, I couldn't believe how much peace I had. My husband looked at it and said " I knew that's what it was" I said " know you didn't".
Our Bishop has been teaching on the unction from the [Holy Spirit] so I said too my husband " you must have gotten an unction that's what it was". well while my husband was sweeping up the glass my son says "well we have to get another table" my husband says" that want be anytime soon" and immediately my mouth flew open and I said " that's a lie our GOD supplies all of our needs we have abundance and no lack we will have a table and we will have the table we want." Nothing but silence from the both of them. You see Bishop has been teaching on confession beyond concsiousness, but before he had started this teaching I purposed in my heart years ago to say what GOD says about a thing. No matter what it looks like I purpose to have my mouth fixed on the Word of GOD. Not bragging but that's all I know to do. yea I slip up sometimes we all do, but for the most part I keep my mind on the Word. Jesus said "we can have what we say. I try to keep a check on what I am saying at all times that way I am forever discovering what I have in my mouth.